Top Things to do in West Covina

December 19, 2018


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TV Shows and Malls

filming. West Covina Title LoansThere are many fun and exciting things to do in West Covina, California. It is also conveniently located about 18 miles from Los Angeles, California. Though West Covina has not always been the most popular location, especially being to close to Hollywood, it’s presence was made known back in the year of 2015. The CW network had a hit television show called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, set and filmed in the town. Most would say it brought praise to the city, calling a lot of attention to the attractions. There are many things to immerse yourself into when visiting, or moving to the vibrant and up-beat city.

The Lakes Mall Offices is one of the most popular and recognized set locations of the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It is a chain of offices that tourists and fans of the television like to visit and take pictures by. Even if you are not a fan of the television show, The Lakes Center has many outlets to enjoy shopping with friends and family. There are also many restaurants with outdoor seating to enjoy a refreshing beverage in between shopping, or indulge in an amazing meal to kill some time.

Museums and Parks

Just under 20 minutes out from West Covina is a beautiful museum called the Glendora Historical Society Museum. The museum showcases the ancient history of Glendora as well as a multitude of different exhibits for you and your loved ones to wallow in. The collection dates back all the way from the 17th and 18th century. If you go to visit the Glendora Historical Society museum expect to see many old, yet meaningful, pieces of art. These pieces of art include but are not limited to: paintings, furniture, mannequins, and much more!

Trees. West Covina Title LoansGalster Wilderness Park is a great place if you want to get some fresh air outdoors and enjoy beautiful, leafy scenery. The park also includes multiple trails if you are interested in exploring through nature a little deeper. Going for a hike, or even taking your bike through the trails have been a very popular past time in this area. People who have gone to Galster Wilderness Park have found this relaxing and educational. Volunteers also make appearances at the park to give knowledge to visitors about wildlife, minerals, rocks, and so much more.

Cortez Park is an amazing small get-a-way for every age group of visitors. The park has multiple playgrounds for younger children to play on, and a outdoor gym. Visitors love this cool, innovative idea of working out outdoors while receiving fresh air and an amazing scenery at the same time. The park has a lot of grass-filled land that is especially perfect for picnics, date-nights, or even a relaxing yoga session.

Although the city is still climbing its way to being more well-known, many visitors adore the town and everything it has to offer. No matter what it is that you are in to, the city has something that you will enjoy no questions asked. From malls and museums, to parks and restaurants, the city will bring an attractive up-beat vibe to your stay. If you’re looking for a loan and you’re in need of cash, give West Covina Title Loans  or Title Loans Express a call!



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