Catch A Show At The Fox Theater in Oakland CA

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The “West Coast Oakland” theater opened in 1928. People loved coming to this theatre. In 1929, it was renamed the Fox Theater. The beautiful architecture brought people in from near and far. It still brings attracts people with its Middle Eastern and Indian-inspired architecture. It included a gorgeous domed theater as well as various multi colored terracotta tiles. There were new and exciting types of stage shows that were live. “Talkies” were just one type of show that played there, and these live shows were beginning to replace silent films.

In 2009, the theater completed a $75 million renovation. When it reopened, it celebrated by throwing a roaring twenties themed party. Some of the renovations included installing a state of the art Meyer sound system and increasing the theater capacity to 2,800 people. A location in California that is extremely popular with tourists and draws many people each year.

Today you will find lots of comfortable seating in the theatre. You can hear live music, and enjoy a good meal at a delicious restaurant. You can also find an art school here at the Theater. The layout is interesting. The floor is tiered so those people that are sitting in the back of the theater still have a great view of the stage. Tickets for events go on sale Friday morning at 10 am. Reserved seating is also available for shows in the Mezzanine and Balcony levels of the theater.

If you are interested in VIP access to the Telegraph room, you are welcome to upgrade your standard ticket. Included in this VIP access is a separate VIP entrance, enhanced viewing sections to the orchestra level, your own private bar area, private bathrooms, complimentary snacks and cocktail service is also available for those shows that are General Admission. Private events are also offered if you are interested in hosting an event at this location. There are talent buyers that can help you secure popular stars to help with your private event.

The Den is a wonderfully elegant bar that is located inside the theater. You can visit it before the show, and enjoy various food and drinks. Ticket holders are able to visit the Den on show nights, and the Den typically opens about 60 minutes for the doors are open to the public. The Den boasts a varied menu to serve guests of varying eating interests.

Partnering with the Oakland School of Arts, the Fox Theater is home to students who want to go far in arts and education in the theater world. There are many different options available to helps students pursue their dreams after school in some of the top conservatory art programs around the country.
Many greats have walked through the doors of The Fox Theatre since its remodel. B.B. King, Korn, Kylie Minogue, Green Day, and Van Morrison are just a few. These are various artists with varying musical tastes. You can find so many different shows that are available year round, and many times, you will find some great opening acts to the main performer.

You can find shows at The Fox Theater each Friday between the hours are 12 noon to 7 pm. Some holidays will change these hours. Tickets are affordable, and there is also a fun merchandise store where you can purchase a fun memento of your time at The Fox Theater. You can go here to get help funding your visit to Oakland, CA and if you’re looking for more to do, you might consider this area of California.

Fox Theater

1807 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 302-2250


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