Highland Park, Los Angeles CA

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Located in the northeast area of Los Angeles, Highland Park is one of the primary subdivisions in this area. Various ethnic and socioeconomic groups call this area home. It is filled with a rich history including architecture and various forms of art. History buffs, as well as hipsters and food lovers, love to visit this area.

This area, at one time, was quite affordable to call home. However, gangs also called this area home. As time has passed, new businesses started to open up, and it is becoming safer. Highland Park is once again a wonderful place to take a visit. It is filled with history and adventures. Regardless of your age or background, fun can be had at Highland Park.

Filled with historical homes, Highland Park is a favorite place to take tours. You can find not only historical homes, but also a train depot, Queen Anne Mansion and beautiful churches. In a nod to an era gone by, you can also find a corner drug store in an interesting plaza that guests can get a snapshot of how life in the 19th century might have been. You might also find street corner performers decked out in full costumes, as well as various other period specific activities.

Like bowling? Then visiting the oldest bowling alley in Los Angeles is a must! Established in
1927 and still in operation, it was fully restored in 2016. It consists of 8 different lanes, and also has original art and crafts from the 30’s. There is also a live music area, as well as additional decorations from the original era.

Not a bowler? No worries-there are still multiple other fun things that can keep you entertained! How about a puppet show, or maybe listen to a concert? Feeling like a tattoo to remember your trip? Vintage Tattoo can take care of that for you! There are lots of opportunities to be with nature as well. Beautiful hiking trails, lots of places to have a picnic, playgrounds for the kids, or you can even participate in horseback riding lessons! So many fun options!

All this adventure will make you hungry. Thankfully, there are lots of different dining options available in the Highland Park area! Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? How about some Mediterranean fare at Checker Hall? Romanian food from Parsnip more up your alley? What about a good old classic pizza place? They have that too at Triple Beam. You can find so many various types of food, including dinner and snacks! Don’t forget to stop by Donut Friend and pick up a pastry filled with some interesting ingredients!

After a long day of adventure, are you looking to relax and enjoy a drink? Whether you are looking for a quaint pub or bar, or even a simple coffee shop, you can find what you are looking for at Highland Park!
Now, to round out your whole visit to Highland Park, shopping must be included in your trip! Whether you want a hip and happening store, a vintage shop like Avalon Vintage, or a memorable trip to a bookstore, you can find it here!

Highland Park is a wonderful place to visit, and a place you will want to come back to again and again. Just one visit won’t allow you to see and do all you can in this area, so be sure to make plans to come back again! You can get help funding your current or next visit to Highland Park by clicking here.

Highland Park

Los Angeles, CA


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