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West Covina Title Loans Can Help You Get A Loan!

When hard times hit, quick financial help isn’t always available in your greatest time of need. This is especially true when you’re hard-pressed for luck and keep going from bank to bank for help. Sadly, not all financial institutions can fit the bill when it comes to helping your situation.

Car keys and money. West Covina Title Loans

Luckily, West Covina Title Loans is here to help. We stand out in an endless sea of faceless banks and financial institutions. What makes us so distinctive is our reliability. You can depend on us! When banks and other financial institutions fall through and don’t give you the loan that you need, West Covina Title Loans will help you. We’ll meet you where you’re at and give you a helping hand.

If you’re in need of fast cash now, we can help you get your hands on an immediate cash resource. Best of all, you can get same-day approval! Who need to stand in line and wait at the bank? You’ll only be disappointed to find out that a minor infraction caused your loan application to be denied. Then all that time you spent is lost and wasted! Don’t get caught up in a spiral of despair. Give us call now at (626) 340-2895 and get started on your application!

What Makes Us the Best?

Man in car. West Covina Title Loans

What makes West Covina Title Loans the best? Without a doubt, it’s our speed! Unlike banks and other financial institutions,we don’t sit around on our hands and let customers wait for our response. We’ll be at your beck and call! Our customer-friendly loan officers are excited to help you!

We don’t use aggressive sales pitches or try to force you into a deceptive scheme. We don’t take advantage of our customers or lie to them. Instead, we stick to our policy of putting our customers first and giving them the best service as possible. We love to help you get your loan to take care of those immediate needs!


How Does West Covina Title Loans Work?

You may be wondering how this all works. Let us show you how simple the process is with West Covina Title Loans! Here are the steps you take and what you can expect along the way!

  1. Give us a call at (626) 340-2895 or fill out our quick online application form. To get started, give us a call today or apply online with our easy application, which will take under 5 minutes to complete! Once you give us a call or apply online, our loan officer will be in touch with you and answer any questions you may have about the process. You can get approved for your loan in less than 15 minutes!
  2. Turn in some important documents. After you qualify for the loan, we’ll need a copy of some important paperwork such as:
    • Your car title or pink slip
    • Your ID
    • Proof of Income
    • Your vehicle registration papers and insurance papers

    The quicker you are able to turn in your papers, the faster you’ll be able to get your money!

    1. Get your money!

    Once we receive your paperwork, you’ll be able to access your loan instantly! Your loan can be wired to your bank account or it can be accessed through MoneyGram, which is available in retailers nationwide.

We don’t do credit checks so don’t let that stop you from applying with West Covina Title Loans! Even if you have poor payment history or a bad credit, you can still get approved for the loan that you need!

We Have Better Interest Rates

You may be thinking, “Well, about the high interest rates?” West Covina Title Loans boasts in having better interest rates than our competitors! That’s our guarantee! Will we impose high interest rates? Not on your lifetime! Our interest rates range between 15% to 20% APR, which is far under the industry average. We don’t prey on the weak by charging you ridiculous rates such as shady pawn merchants. Instead, our payouts are smaller and easily liquidated in shorter periods. You can pay off your loan comfortably in installments and we offer various flexible plans to meet you where you’re at.


What About Bad Credit?

Loan Approved. West Covina Title LoansDo we turn away people with bad credit? Certainly not! Unlike banks, we don’t turn people away just because they have poor credit or a bad payment history. As long as you have a paying job and can afford to pay off the loan in installments, you are more than qualified for a loan with us. Don’t let bad credit keep you from getting the help you need!

We’ll give you the best opportunity to receive the immediate cash bundle you’re looking for! Don’t hesitate to call West Covina Title Loans at (626) 340-2895!




About West Covina

Oranges. West Covina Title Loans

West Covina is a city located within San Gabriel Valley, half an hour east of Downtown LA. The city was originally a part of Covina until 1923. Historically, the area was known for its agriculture, growing walnut groves and orange groves. West Covina also has more than a few colleges and universities in its vicinity. The list includes, Whittier College, Azusa Pacific University, Citrus College, Mt. San Antonio College, and University of the WestThe city has also been prominently featured on the 2015 television show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which features the main character moving to from New York to the city of West Covina.




What Our Customers Are Saying

Reviews for West Covina Title Loans

Saved my business!5 years ago
by Mark Rodriguez
I needed some extra money to help pay for my rent for my new shop I just opened at the West Covina Mall. I had spent a lot of money getting products for the shop and for advertising too. I needed help quickly and thats exactly what I got from Title Loans Express. They had my car pre-approved in minutes and the money only took two days to be transferred! Everything worked out and I was able to pay my rent for the unit thanks to them!
Happy with the service5 years ago
by Loreen Solomon
Regina was a very nice associate and I was able to get just amount I needed. I'm happy so far with this organization and it helped a lot this month being able to get this loan. I haven't tried any other places but I would definitely recommend them.
You will not be disappointed5 years ago
by Lindsey Carlos
There guys are loan giants and Im happy to know they have a good reputation. I actually missed my second payment a few days ago and the first thing I did was contact them. I started a new job so my pay periods have changed and they were able to shift my repayment schedule to a different day of the month without being nasty about it.
Very helpful5 years ago
by May Bramlett
The amount of money I was in a position to obtain was unbelievable. This kind of money is awesome and it certainly allowed me to have the cash I needed easily. I wanted to thank everyone over here that helped me and much appreciated!
Best company ever5 years ago
by Freda Clay
I felt very safe with this company. The reps on the phone were very helpful and this loan was even more helpful to me and my family. The loan has no penalty for early repayment which means I can pay it back any time without having to pay a minimum interest amount. This is only a short term solution for me and after i Receive my return I will repay.
Quick and painless5 years ago
by Harry Morrison
I work at Bread and Barley in downtown and love the job but still need more money. I was referred to Title Loans Express by one of my coworkers who had recently gotten a title loan through them. He spoke very highly of them and now I can see why! They were able to get me approved quickly and have the money deposited right into my account!
Professional and very good service5 years ago
by Katrina Dubois
Very good service and professional. Mark assisted me from the beginning to the end. I can now register my 2003 Ford Focus.
Made things happen for me5 years ago
by Cleo Mullen
My family and had an emergency and needed to get Mexico within 24 hours. We didn't have the money for our plane tickets. We applied for a car title loan with Title Loans Express. They are so compassionate and attentive to your needs. My 2008 Saturn was approved and the cash was ready for us within hours.
Awesome company and excellent staff5 years ago
by Ciara Shannon
Awesome company & Staff that provided excellent customer service to me. I was approved for $3000 and had the money within hours.
Removed my stress5 years ago
by Cheri Osborne
I urgently needed money for the holiday's and I was super stressed out. I was able to to get a loan from my 2005 Toyota matrix. I highly recommend TLE!
Amazing service5 years ago
by Lila Reese
I am extremely satisfied of how helpful and client centered the employees were here. I was able to successfully take out a loan on my Honda Accord in addition to receiving amazing service.
Life-saver5 years ago
by Willow Hotel Glasgow
I struggle with my bills during the holidays and needed quick money. I decided to apply for a title loan here and was able to walk out with the money I needed.
Friendly and helpful!5 years ago
by Anita Underwood
One of the best companies that I ever done business with. Great staff and extremely friendly and helpful. I had the $5000 I needed the same day! Thank you.
Best, fast, and easy solution5 years ago
by Coastal Cold Storage
We had a family emergency and needed money quick. This was the best solution for us. We received the approval within minutes and the money in a couple hours.
Impressive service, easy package, great staff. All-in-one package!5 years ago
by Freddie Ross
TLE is such a great company! I was really impressed on how easy it was to apply for a loan. I was a little skeptical at first because I never applied for one before, but Robin walked me through the process and it was super easy!
Professional staff and super great help.5 years ago
by Deanna Gutierrez
The staff was amazing and immediately greeted me when I walked in. They were all such a great help and super professional. If I didn't understand something they broke it down for me. Highly recommend!
Unbelievably easy!!!!5 years ago
by Wendi Hoover
I spoke to Mark and he helped explain the process clearly. I needed a big quantity of money and received a loan easily. I highly recommend!
Easy, quick, and just in time5 years ago
by Patrice Arnold
The loan process only took like 20 to 30 minutes so I was in and out super quick. They ask several questions and communicated well. I was just happy that I received my money in a timely manner.
easy process and satisfied with the service5 years ago
by anaja merson
I'm very satisfied with the service that I received from Title Loans. I dealt directly with Robin who is very professional, honest and quick. It was a very easy process. I was approved for more than I needed, but it will help with other things. Thank you
stress free!!5 years ago
by connie billman
I highly recommend this company if you are looking to take a loan out on your car. I was able to do this without any problems. They are extremely helpful and will answer any questions you have.
Very acommodating5 years ago
by Lindsay Merrill
Sandy was very accommodating in helping with my loan not once but a second time as well. I highly recommend this business if you are looking for a title loan.
I love this place!5 years ago
by Dollie Barrett
Everyone in Title Loans Express is very helpful and friendly. It's nice to know that there are people who really wanted to help when you're in a bind. I love this place and I will definitely come back when needed!
They were there for me when I was in need.5 years ago
by Chrystal Mayer
I am a freelancer so sometimes I am short of money. I needed some cash and I looked these guys up and I wasn't disappointed. My car was paid off so I was able to get a title loan. I wasn't expecting it to be easy but it only took an hour and I walked out with the check in my hand. These guys were there to help when I was in need. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a title loan.
Definitely will use again.5 years ago
by jing long
Experienced the best customer service in Title Loans Express. They are genuinely kind and willing to help you out in time of need. I will always come here when need. Drop by their office and ask for Sandy. She's amazing!
Best in town!5 years ago
by Maryanne Rosa
Best in town. This company has excellent customer service. They are very friendly and patient to walk you through the entire process. Got my loan in less than 30 minutes. Thank you so much, Sandy!
Highly recommended!5 years ago
by mary getz
Mark was very helpful and friendly. He assisted me fast and easy. I needed money on the spot and got it without any trouble. He is very friendly. I recommend you come here if you're looking to get a loan against your car.
Good experience5 years ago
by Gladys Jackson
Having never gotten a title loan before, I was a bit nervous to say the least. When I came to their office, I spoke to Mark. He knew it was my first time so he gave me a complete rundown of how the process works and how I can pay it off the fastest. He was very patient and attentive which made all of these easier. My first title loan experience was a good one. Thank you guys!
I'm a happy customer5 years ago
by Elisa Rylee
My experience with Title Loans Express was great! I have never had a title loan before and I was very hesitant about it. After a thorough research, I decided to go with Title Loans Express. I had a lot of questions about the process and Sandy was very patient with me and made sure I understood her. Their rates are fair compared to other title loan companies. Overall happy with my experience.
Best service ever!5 years ago
by Allyson Zamora
I appreciate that the staff at Title Loans Express made me feel welcome the moment I stepped in their place. They immediately accommodated me and explained the process in great detail. They were straight forward and the rates were unbelievably fair. Felt like I asked too many questions but Sandy answered each one with a smile. Thank you very much, Title Loans Express.
Fair rates and good customer service5 years ago
by Lorene Holland
If you are searching for a title loan, your search is over. Title Loans Express is the best there is. They offer affordable rates to fit your budget. Their staff goes above and beyond to accommodate your needs. The process is efficient, quick, and easy. Their staff are the best too! I highly recommend this amazing company to everyone. They will help you obtain the funds you need today.
Great company5 years ago
by Savannah Sanford
It was a busy end of the month but Title Loans Express was able to fit me in with a same day appointment. Their service is really good. I gave Sandy the information about my car over the phone. About an hour later, I heard back from her and told me I could head over to their office to sign the loan contract. The next day, I got the check! If you need to get a loan, I would recommend you come here.
Best decision ever5 years ago
by Justin Sherman
I came to Title Loans Express as I needed fast cash to remodel my garden and thank God, I made the best decision I could have made. Robin gave my car a fair appraisal. He answered all my questions and gave me a great deal I couldn't refuse. The customer service is excellent here. I highly recommend this title loan agency. They could absolutely save you. Thank you again, Title Loans Express!

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