In Between Jobs And Need A Loan? San Jose Pink Slip Loans Can Help!

July 29, 2018


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Are you currently in between jobs and need a quick loan to make ends meet? San Jose Pink Slip Loans is here to help! We can help you get the emergency cash loan you need to pay your bills!


San Jose Pink Slip Loans. Car, money, keys.At San Jose Pink Slip Loans, we offer you the advantage of utilizing your car’s equity value and turning it into a cash resource! A pink slip loan, also known as a car title loan or an auto title loan, first requires that you are the verified owner of your vehicle. The pink slip or title is a legal document that is given to you when you purchase your car. After we verify your car title, we will appraise your vehicle for its equity value. The higher the equity, the higher the loan! We’ll give you the highest loan based off your car’s equity!



Commonly Asked Questions:


Do I Get To Keep My Car?


Yes! At San Jose Pink Slip Loans, we let you keep your car as you pay off your loan. You get to keep driving your car so if you are in between jobs, you won’t have to worry about transportation!


How Long Do I Have To Pay Off My Loan?


With San Jose Pink Slip Loans, we value flexibility in loan payments. We can help you set up a payment schedule that is comfortable and safe for you. We offer lower rates than our competing title loan companies. An average term is about 24 months. However, depending on your needs we can offer shorter and longer terms.


We understand that when you come in for a loan, you’re in a tight financial place and we want to give you all the help that you need. Instead of having our customers jump through hoops, we try to make the loan process as easy and hassle-free as possible. That’s why we can get your application approved in just 15 minutes. We want to be a reliable source of help for you when you’re in a tough place. Give us a call today at 855-303-CASH (2274) to get started right away. A loan officer will be ready to assist you and answer any questions or concerns you may have!




San Jose Pink Slip Loans Is Glad To Help The City of San Jose!



San Jose Pink Slip Loans. Computer.

San Jose, located in Northern California in the Santa Clara County, is third most populated city in the state of California. The city is known as the “Capital of Silicon Valley”, where the technology sector has boomed since the 90s. Because of the prestige of Silicon Valley, the city is considered one of the wealthiest regions in the world. It has the third highest GDP per capita in the world. Founded in 1777, San Jose was originally known as the Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe, and was the first city founded in California. The city began to boom and expand in the 1950s to 1960s, and became one of the most populated cities in the state by the 1990s.



San Jose is also home to many performance arts groups and theaters such as the San Jose Repertory Theatre, Opera San Jose, Broadway San Jose, and Symphony Silicon Valley. The city hosts various festivals such as the annual San Francisco Asian American Film Festival and the San Jose Jazz Festival. San Jose’s SAP Center is known as a dynamic sports complex, hosting games from the National Hockey League. The center hosts the San Jose Sharks, earning its name “The Shark Tank.”



San Jose Pink Slip Loans is proud to serve the city of San Jose! Call us today at 855-303-CASH (2274) to speak to one of our loan agents! You can also visit us in person at one of our local offices, or start your online application process!



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