Releasing Financial Capital From the Equity in Your Car

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Can I Really Get Fast Cash From My Car?

Are you a businessman, a basketball player or a professional fisherman, and you’re worried that your car has become a dead investment? Well, think again!  There are opportunities where you can use your car to unlock some serious cash! There are plenty of title lenders who can help you finance your emergency needs by using your car as collateral. This means that you can take a loan amount that is comparable to the resale value or the equity of your car! Californians are avid owners of a wide variety of business and luxury cars! From the humble inflatable to race cars, cruisers, housecars, and catamarans, many people will invest a great amount of money into these sailing ships.

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Checking Your Car’s Value

 Car title loans are a simple and direct way to capitalize on the value of your car. So how do you know what your car is worth? Nowadays, with the use of technology and the world wide web, it is very easy to check the value of a used car. Just give us a call at 855-303-CASH (2274) or fill out our form with details about your car’s year, make, and model to see what your car is worth. 

And you don’t even have to leave your home! What is really amazing is that most title lenders will gladly finance up to the resale value of your car. That kind of money can come in handy for any urgent needs such as medical bills, legal fights, home repairs, an emergency trip, a business investment–the possibilities are endless! There are plenty of ways you can use this money wisely for your immediate needs! So instead of waiting in line at the bank for a loan, start looking up the value of your car to see the possibilities for yourself!

What Do I Need?

To be eligible for a car title loan all you need is the car title (the front and back portions of the California “Pink Slip”), proof of income (such as pay stubs, salary slips, bank accounts or federal tax return), and proof of your residency in California. You will also need a valid car license and registration papers. With these documents ready to go, you’ll be able to take advantage of the car title loan! The best thing about a car title loan is that you do not have to go looking for a title lender; Reputable and professional lenders are available online!  Just enter your personal information and the details of your car such as the year, the make, model, length, and horsepower.


What About Bad Credit?

Fortunately, these quick title loans do not require extensive credit checks. It is not important if you have bad credit, or a poor repayment history. The loan will still be easily accessible for you! As long as your car is in good condition, is well maintained, and has workable features, you will not have any problems with taking out a large collateral loan.



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When We Say Fast, We Mean FAST.

Unlike bank loans, our speedy car title loans cut through formalities like a stingray in blue waters. If you are ready with your documents, you can get your loan approved in just fifteen minutes! Don’t lose another minute! The only disadvantage you may have is the interest, which may be high. However, with experienced lenders, the index will be below 25% APR. This is due to the risks the lender is taking when giving loans to clients without credit.

On the positive side you’ll be able to get your loan in the nick of time! In addition, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of a flexible repayment program!  Some lenders are able to stretch payment plans up to 36 months with terms that make them comparable to banks! This makes monthly payments low, reasonable, and easy on your wallet. 


Need a Car Title Loan? We Can Help!

If you’re looking for trustworthy lender for a car title loan, look no further! Title Loans Express is able to help you use your car to take out a loan! No need for formalized paperwork or complicated applications. You won’t need to go through an extensive process involving credit checks or investigating your financial history. Unlike banks and other lenders, we make our applications easy as a breeze. Give us a call today at 855-303-CASH (2274) to get started on your application, or you can even apply online! Title Loans Express can approve your loan in just 15 minutes! Get up to 60% of the resale value of your car, RV, motorcycle, or vehicle and we can help you get the loan that you need!




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