When a Title Loan Shows the Way

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If you are a resident of California and you own a car and you have a part time or full time job income, you can consider yourself eligible for vehicle title loans. It’s your key to accessing cash up to $5,000 or more in financially tight moments when unpaid bills and unfulfilled desires demand money that may be just a little beyond your paycheck.

It’s not unusual for families to find themselves in a jam mid-way in a month in between salary payouts. It may be just when the mortgage has been paid or utility bills cleared, that you get the feeling that your home could do with some repairs, or simply that you and your spouse could enjoy a break and paint the town red.  Even life’s simple pleasures require cash in some form or other, and when you require a helping hand to ease the pressure, pink slip loans show the way.

Perhaps you are wary of approaching the local bank and you are even more scared of the formalities or discouraged by the time taken by banks in processing loans, you also have this uncomfortable feeling within you that banks are not likely to dish out small cash in quick time. This is where the cash title loans genuinely help you out. There won’t be any lengthy interviews or unending forms to be filled that require an expert to help you complete them. It’s like engaging a friend in conversation; you spell out your cash needs and submit certain basic documents and you get a lightning quick response.

For approving title loans you simply submit these papers-

  • Driving license, car registration slip and car insurance policy.
  • Your latest salary statement, stub or pay slip.
  • A telephone bill as proof that you are staying in California.

The auto collateral loans are very simple in nature; they work by extending smaller loans on the security of the equity locked in your vehicle.

This is what the title loan specialist does-

  • You bring your car to the pawn car title loans office and a vehicle expert assesses the resale value of your vehicle, this is not a time consuming process, you get to know the value immediately as the dealers use online sites like the Kelly Blue Book to determine prices.
  • The next step is looking at your income, it has to be a regular income and sufficient to repay the car equity loan; say within a month or two. The size of the income determines the quantum of your loan. Again, a friendly chat and you will know how much you can safely avail.
  • The third and final step is simply collecting your cash.

The entire title loan transaction will be over in fifteen minutes, and you will be left wondering why in comparison banks create so many problems and put up so many hurdles in releasing small loans!

What makes fast car title loans so much more attractive is that-

  • Your previous loan history does not come in the way of your title loan eligibility.
  • You don’t need to be in a full time job or have a checking account.
  • You can dispense with a cosigner or any additional form of collateral.

For more and more people the auto equity loan is successfully showing the way in tackling financially tight circumstances, and if you handle the loan repayment in a timely and disciplined manner you will not find better options in the money lending market.

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