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You will find the title lender and the auto title loan presiding over an enormous market that services the need for cash in financial emergencies, and unlike any other market, here the borrower is king and many important aspects of title loan finance have been modified keeping the situation and demands of the consumer in mind. In an emergency situation there is very little time to react and money must be procured immediately or at least within twenty four hours of the crisis. It could be a medical treatment that calls for advanced surgery, a legal expense that brooks no delay, a remittance that has to reach your parents by wire, or something as simple as an air ticket that needs to be booked pronto. The situation demands instant solutions and the consumer can’t afford to wait a minute longer for cash.

The reputed and truly professional title lender makes his presence felt immediately. He is there exactly when you need him. He does this in two ways, one is by having an online presence and the other is by creating a vast network of offices that ensures that he has each and every nook and cranny of California covered. This accessibility is what makes the loans for vehicle title unique among short term loans. You need cash, you apply online, you get an instantaneous loan quote, its fast and it’s simple. There is no ambiguity. The eligibility criteria have been vastly simplified by the title lender. Virtually the only person who can’t get a cash loan for title is one who doesn’t own a car or bike, so the majority of people out there will easily qualify for the auto collateral loan. Add income proof and residency proof and you can walk into any title loan office and get the collateral loan.

If you have the papers, California pink slip included, the title lender will give you a spot assessment of the resale value of your vehicle. There won’t be any undervaluation; you are free to cross check with the Kelley’s Blue Book online. The title lender will easily finance you anything from 65% to 75% of the car valuation which is no small amount. He will finance you purely on the strength of your car title acting as collateral, without probing your credit worthiness or lack of it! This is the crucial point where banks fall by the wayside. NO credit or BAD credit, you will get your car equity loan whatever your situation. The consumer needs to submit valid verifiable proof that he has an income, and the income is sufficient to repay the title loan.

If the eligibility norms and accessibility for an auto equity loan is near universal, the title lender makes things easier by delivering cash within minutes of lodging your application or submitting documents. If you drive your vehicle to the lender directly, the chances are that you will be surprised to walk out with cash in your hands within something like fifteen minutes. The icing on the cake is the fact that you get to retain and drive your vehicle just like you usually do.

Competition being as stiff as it is, the title lender will offer fast car title loans  at lower interest rates (the best will quote rates below 25% APR) and more flexible repayment terms so that the consumer gets a load off his mind by repaying lower installments over  a longer term. So you not only get the pink slip loan without credit checks and with the least hassles and the minimum of procedural formalities, but you also get to repay the installment loan in California at your convenience without stressing your income.

As with any other industry the pawn car title loan industry has its fair share of black sheep and these are the lenders that charge interest at rates exceeding 400% APR. There are lenders who undervalue your asset and tie you to unrealistic repayment schedules that force you to default. Therefore it pays to research your lender and opt for only well established and reputed title lending companies with a solid reputation in the market.

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