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June 19, 2018


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Where do you go when you need quick and easy loans readily available to you? Santa Clarita Pink Slip Loans is here to help you with all your cash-ready needs! We love to assist those who are in the down and out. Are you unable to secure a loan because you have poor credit? Or are you out of a job and really need help to pay off some bills? Did life’s tragedies hit you especially hard, and now you’re left with a financial gap? Santa Clarita Pink Slip Loans is ready to help you catch a break! We can get you approved for a loan in less than 15 minutes! We also have lower rates than most title loan companies. Call today at 855-303-CASH (2274) to speak to one of our loan agents! You can also visit us in person at one of our local offices, or start your online application process!



The Benefits of Santa Clarita Pink Slip Loans


Nowadays, having cash readily available to you on hand is not very easy. We want to help you get the funds you need as soon as possible. That’s why Santa Clarita Pink Slip Loans is here to help you find a way to secure a loan. Once your application is approved, you’ll be well on your way to take care of your important financial circumstances.

When you lack the necessary means to secure a typical bank loan, Santa Clarita Pink Slip Loans are a good alternative. Pink slip loans, otherwise known as auto title loans, or car title loans, gives borrowers an opportunity to trade their vehicle’s titles as collateral for their loan.

When you’re in a situation where you need an immediate source of cash, auto title loans are a good opportunity to take into account. It allows you the chance to use your current assets as collateral, instead of going to the bank and going through a long, tedious process.

Not only are pink slip loans incredibly fast and convenient to secure, but they also have less requirements you need to meet. Santa Clarita Pink Slip Loans is able to help those who find themselves in a situation where they are otherwise unable to get a loan due to bad credit scores. Bank loans often require a list of co-signers, and will usually evaluate your credit score. However, at Santa Clarita Pink Slip Loans, even if you have poor credit, we can approve your application and give you the best loan possible for your vehicle’s equity value.


Are You In Tough Financial Circumstances? Here Are Some Tips To Help.

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We understand when our clients are in the down and out. Let us give you a hand as you sort through the tough times. Here are some financial tips to keep in mind as you start saving up and paying off your loans.

1. Do Your Best To Set Aside An Accessible Emergency Fund

For rainy days and tough times, a good start to have is to create an accessible emergency fund. In times where there are unforeseen circumstances, cash is the best way to go. Whether it’s $500 or just $2, the important thing is to be diligent about setting aside a little bit of cash. As you save up and start paying off your loans, remember to put away some money for yourself in case of emergencies. It’s not only helpful to have on hand, but it’ll keep you from digging yourself into deeper debt in the future.

2. Keep Track Of Your Expenses


Another way to help you save up as you pay off your pink slip loans is to keep a financial record of your expenses. A great tool to use is As you start writing down your daily spending and sources of income, it will give you a clearer picture and understanding of what steps you need to take. Don’t be afraid to take baby steps as you work towards financial security.  


3. Keep Your Change

Don’t just toss aside your nickels and dimes! Instead, keep a large empty jar for your coins. Even though it is small money, this is a great way to start saving little by little. As you begin to collect more, the coins will add up into major dollars and bills. Practice rolling your coins, or just take it to a local coin machine to sort out your change. You’ll be surprised how much you’ve collected over time!


To get your rainy day loan approved, contact us now so we can get you set up! We can get you approved in just 15 minutes! Call us at 855-303-CASH (2274)!



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