Resolving Your Financial House in Order in 2013

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We are very extravagant when we resolve to tackle many of the habits and problems that beset us but we often shy away from addressing money and financial issues that impact our financial stability. Perhaps we can compensate for neglecting these areas by breathing life into our financial resolutions for 2013. Following these core financial resolutions should give you a head start.

I will do everything possible to boost my retirement planning

It’s a good time as any to review your IRA contribution in particular and retirement schemes in general to decide whether you are making full use of your monthly contribution.  Maxing out your permissible deductions may help you maximize your employer contribution benefit. Ensure to auto pay salary deductions to the retirement account just as your pay gets disbursed.

I will endeavor to get my financial affairs in order

The best thing that you can do is to put in clear writing what you want your spouse and kids to do in case natural or man-made disasters and emergencies shake the household to its core. A well thought out disaster recovery plan backed by an emergency fund is the ideal New Year’s resolution.

I will accelerate mortgage payments to become free of debts as early as possible

Even a small prepayment committed in the short term on a regular basis will see years being reduced from your home loan repayment. It’s a huge sacrifice in the short term but you will thank yourself when you realize that you are not carrying big ticket loans into retirement.

I will free up more money by reducing expenses in every way I can

Once you get down to it there will be a thousand and one areas where you can make a meaningful expense cut, and if you can contain expenses within seventy percent of your income you will be creating more avenues for healthy savings.

I will not compromise on long term care insurance policies

Much as healthcare policies are looking after family medical needs what about your own healthcare needs? Will the existing policies cover treatment for chronic illnesses that last longer terms? This is why it would be wiser on your part to go for long term care insurance policies that will take care of uncertainties in this sphere even as you approach retirement years.

I will budget expenses, organize my bills and spruce up my accounting practices

Nothing beats the dazzle of a meticulously organized financial portfolio. OK, you need not aim for perfection but at least you can ensure that your budget is neatly tabulated, your expenses are recorded in a diary at least weekly, and all your bills are accessible in one location. You can promise yourself that you will open an internet banking account for taking all or most of your finances online in 2013.

I will create an emergency fund that will provide for three months expenses

There is nothing outrageously ambitious about this resolution. It is achievable by saving a minimum of thirty percent of one’s salary income every month and by reducing overheads and cutting a few costs. This money will become your sheet anchor in turbulent financial weather.

All these resolutions will strengthen you immeasurably but all it takes is a full blown financial crisis like a natural disaster or a job loss to bring a carefully constructed world crashing down around you. A simple cash loan for title can be of immense help in surviving a financial meltdown if you use it sparingly. The loan for vehicle title requires the collateral of your car pink slip, and in return you are guaranteed peace of mind of availing more than 60% of your car resale value in cash for tackling almost any type of financial crisis.  The auto equity loan has an interest rate less than 25% APR which is much less than what payday loans charge consumers. The car equity loan will help you structure repayments to stay in sync with your salary income. Importantly, bad credit is not an issue so far as title loans are concerned.

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