Fun Things to do in Walnut Creek

December 24, 2018


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About Walnut Creek

With a population of almost 70,000, there are many things to do in Walnut Creek. The area is only 16 miles east of Oakland in San Francisco’s East Bay. Located in an ideal spot, Walnut Creek is close to the highway leading to San Francisco, Sacramento and San Jose. It can also be accessed by taking the BART, the region’s popular transportation system. The buildings in the downtown area are historic and over 100 years old, and the entertainment center has both retail outlets and exclusive restaurants to fit every mood.


Walnut Creek has a waterway that goes from one part of the city to the other end via man-made underground tunnels. One attraction for visitors and locals alike is the Diablo Foothills Regional Park; a large area of 1,060 acres at the eastern and southern part of San Francisco Bay. The park travels to the west of the San Joaquin Valley, and east of Salinas Valley. There is a variety of rock formations within the park and spectacular trails and views of Santa Cruz Mountains from Castle Rock State Park. Monterey Bay can also be seen not too far away.

roses. Walnut Creek Title LoansPlaces To Visit In Walnut Creek

The Ruth Bancroft Garden

Ruth, who was originally from Boston and who died at 107, created a beautiful Garden in her own name on 2.5 acres with over 2,000 varieties of cacti and succulents. Many types of trees and shrubs from as far as South Africa and Australia can also be found at the Ruth Bancroft Garden.

Lindsay Wildlife Museum

A famous rehabilitation center for a good deal of endangered wildlife encompasses a rotating museum for the entire family to enjoy. There’s even an interactive discovery room and an area that houses domestic animals.

Spectacular Restaurants

steakhouse dinner. Walnut creek title loansThe Greenery offers a wide selection of American cuisine and there’s Maria Maria with a mouth-watering Mexican flavor. Another popular joint is True Food Kitchen with freshly made vegan and vegetarian plates. Flemings has great steak and seafood dishes. Wence’s puts out a great brunch and seafood menu. Jack’s Restaurant and Bar has a great selection of liquors at the bar, and an appetizing brunch menu. Don’t forget to stop by at Back Forty Texas BBQ Roadhouse & Saloon for awesome barbecue choices.

Other Things to Do in Walnut Creek

The Shadeland’s Ranch

Hiram Penniman settled in California in 1856 and put together a large 500-acre farm in Ygnacio Valley. Visitors can enjoy walking in this space and discover the joys of farm life. In 1985 this house was recognized as one of the historic places to visit.

 Old Borges Ranch

Frank Borges bought 700 acres in 1899 with a small cattle ranch on it for his own family. The actual home was built in 1901 from Redwood. Today visitors can go there and experience the open air and enjoy the feeling of living on a ranch. There’s even a blacksmith shop and the original farm equipment on display at the barn. Take sandwiches with you and make a family picnic at the quaint Patrick Hanna Grove Picnic Area. There’s even an amphitheater and a small pond in the proximity. Overnight camping is also an option to choose from.

Gardens at Heather Farm

These new gardens are free for visitors to walk around seven days a week. Mount Diablo and other picturesque views are ideal for picture-lovers from this site. Take a selfie with your kids or significant other in this gorgeous surrounding while breathing the fresh country aroma. Enjoy complimentary cookies and a cup of tea among the cozy Tulip beds on Wednesday or Sunday afternoons from 1 to 4. Donations are always welcome!


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