All About El Monte

January 10, 2019


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About The City

Train. Title Loans El MonteEl Monte is a residential, industrial, and commercial city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. The city lies in the San Gabriel Valley east of the city of Los Angeles. As of 2010, it is the 51st most populous city in the state of California. Historically known as “The End of Santa Fe Trail”, the city’s rich transportation history is manifested through a bustling transit center; the state-of-the-art El Monte Bus Station connecting San Gabriel Valley to Downtown L.A. and serving 22,000 passengers daily. The largest industries in El Monte are Manufacturing, Retail trade, and Healthcare & Social Assistance and the highest paying industries are Professional, Scientific, Tech Services, Finance & Insurance, and Utilities.

El Monte’s slogan is “Welcome to Friendly El Monte”. Surely, the locals of the city live up to the slogan so don’t be afraid to maximize your time exploring places and trying the exciting activities the city has to offer. Take time to read some interesting facts about El Monte’s history as well as a short guide on what activities and places are worth-trying and visiting in the next section. On the other hand, if you ever feel alone during a financial struggle, just as friendly as the locals of this city, Title Loans El Monte and Title Loans Express will be that shoulder to lean on that you need.

Interesting facts about El Monte

  • El Monte’s first wave of permanent residents arrived around 1849-1850 when thousands of prospectors and immigrant pioneers came to California seeking gold. Not all of them were fortunate enough to find wealth in gold, but those who did not found their fortune in the fertile land and built homes.
  • Agriculture remained at the core of El Monte’s economy in the early 20th century, though fruit orchards, walnut groves, truck farms, hay and vegetable fields and a growing dairy industry replaced most of the earlier field crops.
  • Between 1770 and 1830, Spanish soldiers and missionaries often stopped here for respite. They called the area ‘El Monte’ which means ‘the mountain’ of ‘the mount’.
  • Most people assume the name refers to a mountain, but there were no mountains in the valley.
  • El Monte is situated between the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo Rivers; residents claimed that anything could be grown in the area.


Things to do in El Monte

La Historia Society Museum

If you came to El Monte wanting to witness authentic history and contribute to a great cause at the same time, La Historia Society Museum is the best place for you. This non-profit organization and local museum was established by the members of the community in order to draw more interest in the heritage and culture of the city. The museum showcases the memories of the barrios which existed in El Monte in the 1900’s. The changing exhibits that perfectly capture the life of past times will surely take you on a trip down the memory lane. La Historia Society Museum also does fundraisers to help those in the local are with education and occupational opportunities.

Information: 3240 Tyler Ave, El Monte, CA 91731


park. Title Loans El MonteWhittier Narrows Nature Center

You will fall in love more and deeper with nature during your visit at the Whittier Narrows Nature Center. Sunrise or sunset, anytime of the day is the best time to enjoy the best sights and sound the city of El Monte has to offer. The place features a wide variety of natural trails and is augmented by an accompanying nature center and natural area. You can freely roam around 162 hectares of untouched wilderness carefully preserved for tourists and locals of the city. You can take a self-guided tour or make use of one of their local experts.

Information: 1000 Durfee Road South, El Monte, CA, 91733


Triple B Clays

This place is for those who likes adrenaline and loves to take excitement to the next level. The Triple B Clays shooting range features a diversified variety of shooting opportunities with the promise of commitment to quality and safety. From clay and trap shooting to sporting clays and skeet shooting, this attraction works to satisfy the needs of everyone who frequents its grounds.

Information: 831 N Rosemead Boulevard, South El Monte, CA 91733


The American Military Museum

Dig deeper into the history of America’s military at the American Military Museum. Featuring constantly changing exhibits and knowledgeable onsite experts, this venue promises to deliver an educational, dynamic experience, that’ll have you learning about America’s protective past. Other than that, the museum can also host any social functions.

Information: 1918 Rosemead Blvd, South El Monte, CA 91733


CIty night lights. Title Loans El MonteUAA Los Angeles Helicopter Tours

Witness the breathtaking beauty of El Monte from above by trying this authentic and thrilling experience with UAA Los Angeles Helicopter Tours. It is truly an activity you shouldn’t miss whether you’re a local or just making a one-time trip to El Monte. You can rest your fearful heart because you will be flying with fully trained pilots whose utmost priority is your safety. It’s not everyday that you will be given the opportunity to be high in the sky!

Information: El Monte Airport, 4233 Santa Anita Ave, El Monte, CA 91731




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