Activities To Do In Rosemead

December 31, 2018


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Are you a visitor looking for things to do in Rosemead? Title Loans Rosemead has provided a great guide to all to most popular sites to see and places to eat. Rosemead may seem like an unusual place to visit but there are plenty of things to do and places to visit, easily making this city of 53,000 on a travelers bucket list. Here are some of our top picks:


1. Savannah Pioneer Cemetery

At the top of our list of sites to see is Savannah Pioneer Cemetery. In 1846, the owner of the land, Henry Dalton came across two graves protected by a cactus hedge. He chose to protect his findings and gave the area two acres of his land. El Monte Cemetery Association now has 41 acres and is just shy of 3,000 plots. This almost 200 year old site is now home of the famous Charles Edward Wiggins, a US Congressman who served in the US Army from 1945 to 1948 and from 1950 to 1952. Wiggins also served on the United States Court of Appeals as a Judge from 1984 to 2000 when he passed. Savannah Pioneer Cemetery is a cherish site by it’s locals and is definitely worth visiting.



Clothing store. Title Loans Rosemead2. Montebello Town Center

Just on the edge of Rosemead, Montebello Town Center shares a border with the city of Montebello. Rosemead covers the east side of the shopping mall. Filled with major department stores, small shops and a great food court, Montebello Town Center is a magnet for the locals. Keeping families out of the heat and in the mood for a shopping spree, people can enjoy going store to store and doing so on a full stomach.


park. Title Loans Rosemead

3. Rosemead Park

The city of Rosemead takes pride in their parks and recreation. Rosemead Park is the city’s largest park with a swimming pool, three playgrounds, two baseball fields, and a half-mile long trail stretching across the park. This child-friendly park is filled with large grass areas, a plethora of barbecue grills, and a large number of picnic areas. Whether your looking to enjoy nature, have fun with family, or get a workout in, Rosemead Park is definitely the go-to place when looking for a great time.


4. Garvey Park

If you are a nature lover who also loves the water, Title Loans Rosemead presents you with another park just 10 minutes south of Romesmead Park. This park is home to the city’s well know public aquatic play area. Splash zone has an outdoor pool with 2 colorful supervised water slides, water fountains, and sprays. Splash zone is a safe gated water play area perfect for children on a hot day. If you are not a big fan of the water, no worries! Garvey park also features tennis courts, baseball diamonds, picnic areas, and a gymnasium! You will never find a dull moment at Garvey park.


sushi. title loans

5. King’s Table

What is a good city without great food? King’s Table never fails to amaze its visitors. This restaurant serves a mix Korean cuisine and Japanese seafood with a variety of dishes including Korean seafood tofu soup, sushi rolls, and fresh uni! King’s table is the express lane to a seafood lover’s heart and to a full stomach. This restaurant features a variety of booths in its dining area, private rooms for larger parties, and a bar. King’s Table is perfect for anyone’s seafood craves.




If may be hard for a new comer in Rosemead to see what this city has in store. Luckily, Title Loans Rosemead is happy to provide guidance to those who are new to the city. these top locations in Rosemead will definitely help anyone trying to learn what tis city has to offer. If you’re struggling with debt, Title Loans Rosemead offers car title loans that can help you. Get your Loan approved today in just 15 minutes by calling (626) 741-0245.


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