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Villa Park Title Loans Can Help You Get A Loan!


Money and car keys. Villa Park Title Loans can help you get a loan!Are big banks and financial institutions turning you away and denying you small loans to meet your urgent emergency? Are you too embarrassed to ask your friends and family members to help you ride out your financial crisis? Don’t fear, there’s no need to put yourself in humiliating situations where you get turned down over and over again. If you’re in need of an immediate cash source, look to Villa Park Title Loans! We’ll help you secure the loan you need to take care of your emergency situation!

What Makes Villa Park Title Loans Outstanding?

Villa Park Title Loans stands out from the rest because we value excellent customer service and a duty to take care of our clients. Unlike other shady loan companies that try to take advantage of their customers, we treat our clients with the utmost respect and care. Here are our 5 DON’Ts:


  • No empty promises! We can approve your loan in just 15 minutes! Villa Park Title Loans likes to keep our application, Girl in car with keys. Villa Park Title Loans can help you get a loan with your car!assessment and processing simple and quick so you can be on your way to getting your cash as quickly as possible.
  • We don’t rip off our clients! Unlike other loan companies that prey on the weak and poor and overcharge them with terrible interest rates. Instead, we guarantee that we have lower interest rates from our competitors! We also help our clients find a flexible and comfortable payment plan that makes them safe. Our desire is for our clients to feel stress-free when it comes to repaying their loans in installments!
  • We don’t turn you down if you have bad credit! Even if banks and other financial institutions turn you down because of a bad credit score, you can still get approved for a loan with us! Don’t let a bad credit score become an obstacle to getting the help you need!
  • We don’t play “switch and bait”! Some nefarious companies will give you an loan rate that seems to good to be true just so they can lure you in. But on the day you go to sign your papers, they turn the switch on you and hike up their interest rates! We don’t play games when it comes to financing our clients! The interest rate we give you on the first day will stay the same!
  • We don’t harass our clients with aggressive marketing tactics! We believe in absolute transparency and in upholding ethical practices! Villa Park Title Loans strictly abides by California state laws concerning car title loans both in letter and in spirit. Our loan contracts are crystal clear and are not loaded with injurious legal clauses and hidden charges! What you see is what you get!
  • Our loan contracts are crystal clear and are not loaded with injurious legal clauses and hidden charges! What you see is what you get!

Villa Park Title Loans offers the best short term auto loan in California! No one can beat our low interest rates and excellent service!

Get Peace Of Mind Today!

We offer car title loans that guarantee instant peace of mind! Don’t sit around with frantic worry as you wait over a month to hear back from your bank, only to find out they turned you down! We’ll give solutions that are delivered in minutes and hours so you won’t have the slightest worry line to crease your forehead.

Why do people keep coming back to us again and again for our auto title loans? The answer is simple. We know how to take care of our clients with a ready smile. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority! We genuinely empathize with our customer’s problems and do the best we can to help them out. Their crisis is our concern and we want to offer them the support and means to solve their problems. We have thousands of happy and satisfied customers who have benefited from our highly personalized services.

We Make The Application Process Quick And Easy!

Do banks make you wade through mountains of paperwork and keep you waiting for weeks on end? We don’t make our clients sit around and wait for weeks to hear back concerning their loan application. And we certainly don’t leave them out to dry! Our application is simple and easy to fill out. When clients have their papers ready, the whole process can take just 15 glorious minutes! Yes, just 15 minutes! If you want fast and quick service, we welcome you to visit us at an office near you or fill out an application online!  All you need are the following:

  • Driver’s license or government-issued ID
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence
  • Title documents for your car


No Need To Wait! Get Started Today!

Loan approved. Villa Park Title Loans can approve your loan in just 15 minutes!Don’t let the banks drag you down with their complicated applications and wait time! Let Villa Park Title Loans handle all the work! We’ll make sure you get your loan in the fastest way possible! Before you know it, you’ll be walking out the door with the money you need! Call us today at (657) 223-0840 or fill out your application online!








What Our Customers Are Saying

Reviews for Villa Park Title Loans

Process was simple and quick. Easy approval too!5 years ago
by Wayne Hays
My 2007 Ford F-150 was approved for a title loan. The process was simple and quick. I received more money than I applied for, but the good news is I was able to pay off a couple more bills.
Such a big help5 years ago
by Roaysn Stout
I was so stressed with not knowing how I would come up with my daughter's tuition. I was denied a loan every where else but this company approved me. I'm so thankful to them for helping me get a title loan.
Not all heroes wear capes5 years ago
by Roxanne Ratliff
My family lives overseas and an emergency happened so I need to fly out to them ASAP. I didn’t have the extra money to purchase plane tickets right away. I was hopeless and sad until I stumbled upon Title Loans Express. I called them immediately and told them about my situation. Within that day, I got the money and the plane tickets. My heroes! Thanks a lot!
Will go to them again if needed5 years ago
by Sandra Hudsonn
We had an emergency in the family and we badly need the money. I called a few loan services company and decided to go with Title Loans Express. Robin was the one who helped us get the funds we needed. I hope I don’t ever need to take out a loan again but if I do, I will definitely go with them again.
Great staff and service5 years ago
by Ines Skinner
Great staff & service! I was happy to get my vehicle approved for a title loan and receive the money in my account within a couple hours. I would highly recommend this company.
Made things happen!5 years ago
by Elvia Alexander
I just opened my own business and I’m still relying on some of the jobs to get completed to get paid. I got myself in a financial trouble. I was behind on my bills and somebody had told me about Title Loans Express. I called them up to see if I could get a loan to hold me over for the next few months while the money isn’t stable yet. They made things happen for me! Thank you so much guys.
Best place to call when you're in need of a loan5 years ago
by Adrian Mccullough
Title Loans Express was the one who helped me to get out of the bind I was in. From the beginning to the point I got the money, they were nothing but excellent and straightforward which I really appreciate. If you are in a bind like me, best place to call is Title Loans Express. Believe me.
Best customer service, would definitely tell other people about this company5 years ago
by howard smith
I called Title Loans Express to inquire for a personal loan but when they explained to me what a title loan is, I realized it was easier to get it instead of a personal loan. I received the best customer service and it felt like I was the priority. I made the right decision! Definitely would recommend to others.
Best loan service company5 years ago
by Karen Rowland
Title Loans Express is the best loan service company there is. They approved a loan for my 2015 Range Rover because I needed the money to start a business. I was impressed by their sense of urgency, kindness, and professionalism. I never thought it was easy to get a loan against my car. I got the money I needed the same day. Thank you very much Title Loans Team!
Unexpectedly quick and such a life saver.5 years ago
by Charles Burns
I needed a loan due to an urgent financial incident that needed to be resolved right away. I was told about Title Loans Express’ services so I decided to try them out. I didn’t expect the help would be that quick! I was able to resolve my issue because of them. Thank you for saving me, Title Loans Express. As a payback, I will tell everyone how amazing your company is!
Saved me from stress5 years ago
by Edna Rodriguez
I was expecting to get a big commission from the property I just sold so I planned a vacation. The commission got delayed and it was a big problem. I thought hard where I could get fast money and I decided I would take out a loan against my car. Went to title loans express and in a snap, I got the funds and went on my well-deserved vacation. I highly recommend them if you need quick money! Like
Straightforward and honest, won't waste your time5 years ago
by Russell Elliott
My first ever Title Loan was great because of this company. They are very upfront about their rates which I appreciate. They didn’t waste time going around the bush and told me honestly how the process works. I consulted with them and explained my situation. I got the money the same day. Amazing, right? Go try them now!
Amazing company!5 years ago
by Leanna Gray
I consider myself very lucky for having Robin help me get a title loan. He was very helpful, genuine, and professional. My 2007 Acura was approved and I received the cash within that day with a little extra to pay off my credit card bills. Title Loans Express has a great service. If you try them out, look for Robin. Amazing guy!

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