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Why choose Title Loans Express?

Great Credit Not Required

You don’t have to worry about your previous financial history holding you back when getting a car title loan.

Keep Your Vehicle

Even after obtaining your loan, you get to keep possession of your vehicle and drive it like normal.

No Up-Front Fees

We NEVER charge any hidden or up-front fees and pay off your loan early without penalty.

Flexible Lending

We have access to multiple funding sources at our disposal to get the loan amount you need!

Our Experience

We have decades of experience helping people obtain title loans and getting the cash they need fast.

300+ Locations

With over 300 California locations and growing, any of our friendly-staffed offices are nearby to help.

What our clients said about us

Just some of our client reviews:

Franklin S
Fort B
Jesse V.
Joseph R
Dave S.

Franklin S

Los Angeles
My friends had told me about Title Loans Express services and when I was short on cash I thought I would give it a chance. I was glad I did as one of their licensed vendors got me the money I need the same day

Fort B

We took an auto title loan on our second car to have some extra spending cash for the Holidays. Thanks to Title Loan Express!

Jesse V.

This company is the real deal. After shopping around for what seemed like an eternity, they were able to get me a car title loan very fast. Will use all the time!

Joseph R

Los Angeles
Never thought I would qualify for a pink slip loan, especially in this economy. Your company works miracles, thank you so much for helping to give myself and my family a better quality of life

Dave S.

San Diego
I thought I was out of options, but your company really went above and beyond my expectations. Thanks for making my dream of owning my own vehicle come true!


San Diego
Using so many possible choices out there for title loans I went with Title Loans Express because they cut out the middle man. Than means I’ll get the best finance charges

You need cash right now, we know how you feel, and we are here full time to help you overcome any situation you may be facing. If cash is what you need and that too at short notice, we have the finest vehicle title loans in town. We don’t need to go around trumpeting our success; our clients do that for us all the time.

What do clients admire in our pink slip loans that they don’t see in the competition?

We are easily accessible online for the finest loan quotes. Just log in and key in your personal particulars-name, email, contact number, and address. Next feed the details of your car or truck or SUV or bike (any type of vehicle) and its year, make, and model. In seconds you get an instant loan quote telling you what you would receive a loan.

Any doubts regarding these loans? Just lift a phone and dial us or better still fax these particulars if you have no net access or you happen to be in a remote location. Our ever smiling, ever obliging staff will guide you through the process quickly. They will explain what documents you need to submit for our cash title loans.

  • Your driving license, with car title (pink slip) and insurance record.
  • Some utility bill or telephone bill to prove where you staying at present in California.
  • Salary slips or account statement to prove you have an income from some job work or from self-employment.

Then, it’s simply a question of your bringing your vehicle over for a checkup and spot valuation.

Here are some tips to ensure you get the best auto collateral loans.

  • Make sure the car is in good condition and looks good.
  • Regular servicing ensures good mileage.
  • Driving experience ought to be smooth and trouble-free.
  • Keep your license and insurance and taxes paid, renewed and up to date.
  • Liquidate any car loans or if there are dues that are minor enough to be adjusted in our fast car title loans, we will gladly do that for you.

We consult the Kelly Blue Book and fix a decent price for your vehicle; our valuations are consistently higher than any value fixed by any dealer in town. Our loans are the highest in the market and you could easily get up to 60% of the value of your car that’s great news for cash-strapped clients.

Once these formalities are over, you receive cash immediately, no questions asked!

Rancho Santa Margarita, with a population of 47,853 located along the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains is a prosperous and upmarket community in Orange County, California. The area comprising Rancho Santa Margarita today was a part of the Jerome O’Neill family estate dating back to 1882. In the modern era, the city was planned as an “Urban Village,” combining the sophistication and excitement of urban life with a more relaxed and simpler rural lifestyle. The very high quality of living and influx of upmarket high-income residents encouraged the growth of gated community style living with thousands of individual homeowners forming their distinct associations, contributing and developing their infrastructure and amenities. Its biggest plus point is gorgeous weather and scintillating mountain views.

The city is very clean and well maintained, its schools are world class, and there are plenty of entertainment options like free beach clubs, swimming pools, and movies in the park. It’s a haven for families with a lively atmosphere full of parties, picnics, and festivities going on throughout the year, keeping kids and adults occupied and entertained. It has an excellent business, shopping, dining and recreational centers set in an attractive ambiance with great living amenities.

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Why Do People Trust and Love Title Loans Express?

What makes us stand above the sea of title lenders out there?

Here are just a few reasons why our loyal customers love us:
The customer always comes first.

At Title Loans Express, we care deeply about our clients and their financial difficulty. We understand how tough times can come and we want to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for our clients. We value good customer care and excellence in service, so you bet that we’re here to take care of you and your needs.

We won’t lie about terms and conditions or defraud you.

Title Loans Express will put you in a position where the contract says one thing and we do another. We make sure our customers understand the full terms and conditions of a loan, and make sure they feel safe. Unlike predatory companies that take advantage of people in the down and out, we make sure our customers feel confident and satisfied with their loans.

Fast, easy, accessible.

In just under 15 minutes, you can get your loan approved and ready to go. We make our application process super easy and simple so you don’t have to deal with excessive paperwork and detail. Even better, you can apply online!

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