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Great Credit Not Required

You don’t have to worry about your previous financial history holding you back when getting a car title loan.

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Even after obtaining your loan, you get to keep possession of your vehicle and drive it like normal.

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We NEVER charge any hidden or up-front fees and pay off your loan early without penalty.

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We have access to multiple funding sources at our disposal to get the loan amount you need!

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We have decades of experience helping people obtain title loans and getting the cash they need fast.

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With over 300 California locations and growing, any of our friendly-staffed offices are nearby to help.

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Franklin S
Fort B
Jesse V.
Joseph R
Dave S.

Franklin S

Los Angeles
My friends had told me about Title Loans Express services and when I was short on cash I thought I would give it a chance. I was glad I did as one of their licensed vendors got me the money I need the same day

Fort B

We took an auto title loan on our second car to have some extra spending cash for the Holidays. Thanks to Title Loan Express!

Jesse V.

This company is the real deal. After shopping around for what seemed like an eternity, they were able to get me a car title loan very fast. Will use all the time!

Joseph R

Los Angeles
Never thought I would qualify for a pink slip loan, especially in this economy. Your company works miracles, thank you so much for helping to give myself and my family a better quality of life

Dave S.

San Diego
I thought I was out of options, but your company really went above and beyond my expectations. Thanks for making my dream of owning my own vehicle come true!


San Diego
Using so many possible choices out there for title loans I went with Title Loans Express because they cut out the middle man. Than means I’ll get the best finance charges

Banks and finance companies cannot be expected to help you out in times of money crises and financial emergencies, as they are too tied up in credit risk assessment and credit scoring procedures. The vehicle title loan, fortunately, does not suffer this glaring defect and make doubly sure that you get the money quickly without wasting valuable time probing your background, and without ferreting out reasons (justified or imaginary) for rejecting your loan request.

Here are ten reasons why bank loans suffer in comparison with loans for a title when you badly need cash:

  1. Banks are averse to lending smaller loans for shorter durations as they do not consider them profitable; pink slip loans have no such inhibitions.
  2. Banks prefer lending in the longer term as they (the banks) make a richer haul through interest payments by keeping you in debt for a longer duration; the pawn car title loan can be repaid in the short term and frees you from loan liability rather quickly.
  3. The interest charged by banks is many times larger than cash title loan, and this interest gets compounded and combined with penalties and late payment fees to add considerably to your repayment burden.
  4. When you consider home equity loans and home refinance you may finally end up repaying multiple times the original amount borrowed, but in the auto title loan your repayment program becomes much smaller without stressing out your income.
  5. Banks are unwilling to finance without substantial collateral; with auto collateral loans you get a lien marked on the title to your car that you retain till the loan is completely paid, the car continues to be of use to you.
  6. With bank home loans and bank car loans your options are limited but with a title loan, you can spend the money taken as a loan for any purpose you like.
  7. Bad credit can still make you eligible for a fast car title loan but not for bank loans, as banks view you as an unacceptable risk.
  8. The longer bank repayments can be a huge drain on your income particularly when that income shrinks or stops or gets strained by mounting expenses, thereby increasing your risk of default; the car title loan is easier to liquidate.
  9. The installment loans in California retain more flexibility in adapting repayment programs that suit your real income levels, and adjustments like rollovers or extended repayments are permitted in exceptional circumstances.
  10. Banks suffocate you in lengthy formalities and credit appraisals that may take weeks and months, whereas the car equity loan is usually disbursed in minutes.

So, why risk bank loans? Try the auto equity loan for all the good reasons.

Submit your ID proof, residency proof and income proof along with your pink slip car registration papers, get your car checked to ascertain its resale value, fix your loan amount and collect your cash, all done in less than fifteen minutes at any of our offices near you.

Placentia in Latin means a pleasant place to live in; it has a population of 50,533 and is located in Northern Orange County, California. The establishment of the first successful imported orange grove in 1980 led to a boom in the cultivation of the orange hybrid named Valencia that became famous for its texture, sweetness, and flavor that eventually became the reason for naming the county as Orange County, California. The city soon became the epicenter of the Valencia orange growing and packing trade, and the Santa Fe Railroad placed the city on the national map.

Placentia has developed as a bedroom community efficiently connecting Los Angeles and neighboring growth centers Fullerton, Yorba Linda, and Anaheim. It is blessed with lovely suburban homes, high-quality schools, majestic churches, and wholesome entertainment and recreation. The downtown Placita-Santa Fe area dishes up the best Mexican cuisine in Orange County. The city’s beautiful sunny weather laid-back lifestyle and family-friendly atmosphere with good schooling, exuberant youth-oriented athletic programs and annual events like the Heritage Festival and Parade, make it an equally memorable experience for the traveler and the resident.

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Why Do People Trust and Love Title Loans Express?

What makes us stand above the sea of title lenders out there?

Here are just a few reasons why our loyal customers love us:
The customer always comes first.

At Title Loans Express, we care deeply about our clients and their financial difficulty. We understand how tough times can come and we want to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for our clients. We value good customer care and excellence in service, so you bet that we’re here to take care of you and your needs.

We won’t lie about terms and conditions or defraud you.

Title Loans Express will put you in a position where the contract says one thing and we do another. We make sure our customers understand the full terms and conditions of a loan, and make sure they feel safe. Unlike predatory companies that take advantage of people in the down and out, we make sure our customers feel confident and satisfied with their loans.

Fast, easy, accessible.

In just under 15 minutes, you can get your loan approved and ready to go. We make our application process super easy and simple so you don’t have to deal with excessive paperwork and detail. Even better, you can apply online!

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