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Auto Title Loans in Odessa

Have you been turned away by big banks and financial institutions that have denied you small loans to meet your urgent cash emergencies? Finding it difficult to request your friends or embarrassing to ask your own parents to help you ride the crisis? We present the ideal vehicle title loan solutions that have gained the respect and admiration of our peers and clients, and bestowed the number one position to our company in the fast car title loan industry in Texas. Title Loans Express has scaled the peak in the auto collateral loans industry for five reasons:


  • We don’t make empty promises; we deliver pawn car title cash in minutes: We have kept our application, assessment and processing set up absolutely simple and shorn of red tape and time wastages. We talk less and act fast! When we say we will deliver cash to a client the fastest way, we do it in fifteen minutes flat, and there is no breaking this golden rule.
  • We fix the highest car resale rates in the auto collateral loan business: We use the most reliable online resources and the most knowledgeable car consultants in the business to ascertain the value of your vehicle. Age, condition and wear and tear notwithstanding, we consistently fix the best car resale rates in Texas. That means more dollars for the client with auto title loans.
  • We don’t profit by ripping off our clients in car equity loan processing: Our interest rates are the lowest in the business and we additionally combine low rates with very reasonable repayment installments that enable our clients to remain stress free while they repay their dues in time. This is the main reason our default rates are incredibly low!
  • We finance cash loans for titles across the board to the lowest rated and highest net worth clients: A depleted credit background does not make a client a pariah for us; we encourage all people to approach us for assistance, we only maintain that they show us they have the resources to repay our loan.
  • We don’t blanket our clients with aggressive marketing tactics: We believe in absolute transparency and in upholding ethical practices, we abide by Texas state laws governing the auto equity loan, both in letter and in spirit. Our pink slip loans contracts are crystal clear and are not loaded with injurious legal clauses and hidden charges.
We are the best short term auto collateral lenders in Texas, and nobody services installment loans in Texas like we do.

Car Title Loans

Our car equity loan guarantees instant peace of mind, and solutions that are delivered in minutes and hours without allowing the slightest worry line or frown to crease your forehead.   Why do people come back again and again to us for our auto equity loan? We have perfected the art of receiving our clients in style, and with a ready smile, and we respond to the client’s demands with practiced precision. The client’s satisfaction is our top priority. We genuinely empathize with his/her problem. Their crisis is our concern, and how to reduce or remove his/her suffering, or how to help them achieve their heart’s desire, no matter how difficult it may seem, is our goal. We have thousands of happy customers who have benefited from our highly personalized services.


Perhaps, through our auto collateral loans, we have saved more lives, rebuilt homes, mended more marriages and boosted more careers than any other industry! Do Banks make you wade through mountains of paperwork, and keep you waiting for weeks on end? At Title Loans Express, we also make our clients wait…they usually chat with our staff over a cup of hot coffee….. While our pawn car title technician checks out their car, fixes the resale value, finalizes the loan amount…..and our clients simply count their cash and walk out, soon as they finish their coffee! If clients have their papers ready, the whole process from receiving their inquiry to assessing the fast car title loans to determining the loan amount, and counting the payout takes all of fifteen glorious minutes! If you want a taste of our services, we welcome you to visit us, and make sure you bring these papers:


  • Some form of personal ID
  • ANY proof of income
  • Your telephone bill as proof of residence
  • The title documents of your car


Auto Title Loans


We deliver pink slip loans giving you the fastest response times beating the competition hands down, we do this because we care for our clients and we appreciate the need to ensure that the cash reaches your hands as quickly as possible, enabling you to tackle the emergency head on and help you diffuse your crisis. Title Loans Express delivers the finest vehicle title loans without making you perform cartwheels completing unending formalities, unlike the banks. All that we request is you visit one of our branch located nearest to your home or office, with very basic papers, such as:


  • Your personal identification or employee ID
  • Paycheck or any proof that you have a regular income
  • Your telephone bill as proof of dwelling, and
  • Your title to your car, motorcycle or truck



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