Financing College Education

Parents are increasingly shouldering unrealistic expectations and financing the cost of their children’s education by sacrificing investments in their own future. Four disturbing facts should bring home salient truths about education loans: Graduates are spending more than 30% of their early income on student loan payments. Students are availing loans…

Easy Ways to Get Out of the Debt Quagmire

  You can turn the tables on crushing debt by following universally accepted solutions that are easy to implement, provided you show the right spirit and nerves of steel to accept the challenge head on. Stop acquiring new debt that only increase your woes Stop adding to your debt burden…

Creating Your Own Pension Using Annuities

Back in the seventies most people had a defined pension that has been gradually taken over by 401k like schemes where the onus of retirement planning has now been thrust on the individual worker. One solution is to take the initiative by carving out a personal pension from existing assets….

Car title loan companies in Orange County

Vehicle title loans are a sure way of obtaining finances when one is in need of a certain amount of cash that is needed within the shortest time possible. These loans can be obtained from companies that provide title loans on the strength of a car title that has been…

A Beginner’s guide to Orange County auto title loans

You need to make an urgent payment but you don’t have the entire amount with you. There’s no way to get a loan that quickly and you don’t want to ask family or friends to give you the money. So what do you do?  Well, if you live in California…

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