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Why choose Title Loans Express?

Great Credit Not Required

You don’t have to worry about your previous financial history holding you back when getting a car title loan.

Keep Your Vehicle

Even after obtaining your loan, you get to keep possession of your vehicle and drive it like normal.

No Up-Front Fees

We NEVER charge any hidden or up-front fees and pay off your loan early without penalty.

Flexible Lending

We have access to multiple funding sources at our disposal to get the loan amount you need!

Our Experience

We have decades of experience helping people obtain title loans and getting the cash they need fast.

300+ Locations

With over 300 California locations and growing, any of our friendly-staffed offices are nearby to help.

What our clients said about us

Just some of our client reviews:

Franklin S
Fort B
Jesse V.
Joseph R
Dave S.

Franklin S

Los Angeles
My friends had told me about Title Loans Express services and when I was short on cash I thought I would give it a chance. I was glad I did as one of their licensed vendors got me the money I need the same day

Fort B

We took an auto title loan on our second car to have some extra spending cash for the Holidays. Thanks to Title Loan Express!

Jesse V.

This company is the real deal. After shopping around for what seemed like an eternity, they were able to get me a car title loan very fast. Will use all the time!

Joseph R

Los Angeles
Never thought I would qualify for a pink slip loan, especially in this economy. Your company works miracles, thank you so much for helping to give myself and my family a better quality of life

Dave S.

San Diego
I thought I was out of options, but your company really went above and beyond my expectations. Thanks for making my dream of owning my own vehicle come true!


San Diego
Using so many possible choices out there for title loans I went with Title Loans Express because they cut out the middle man. Than means I’ll get the best finance charges

Paycheck To Paycheck And In Need Of Fast Cash?

Money. Get Fast Cash with Title Loans San Clemente!When you are living from paycheck to paycheck, you may have faced emergency situations where you suddenly needed immediate cash for your needs. It would be especially urgent when you are just 10 days short of your next paycheck and you’re stuck without a reliable source of funds. In such situations, there is an overwhelming need for quick cash and that problem can only be solved in a few ways!

A typical response would be to head to your local bank and apply for a loan. Unfortunately, banks can have long loan processes, taking up to weeks or even a month to hear back or to finally get the loan money you need. Imagine if you had a solution where you received instant cash now! Then, instead of waiting in line at the bank, all you would have to do is apply for a loan at a notable title lender company. Title Loans San Clemente can help you get the urgent cash you need now! Call us at 855-303-CASH (2274)!

Are You Familiar With These Scenarios?

  • This month’s utility bill is skyrocketing through the roof!
  • Rent is due and your next paycheck is at least a week away
  • You have to cover hospital expenses and don’t have the cash
  • A new addition to the family has squeezed the monthly budget.
  • Your home is in need of an emergency repair and you can’t put it off

These are just some of the worries that are bound to crop up now and then. But the million dollar question is can you get your hands on cash that quickly?

Girl with money. Car Title Loans San Clemente

Have You Ever Thought About The Power of A Car Title Loan?

Maybe you’ve heard some not so great things about car title loans and you don’t know what to think. Car title loans are known to be of high interest, but what makes it so unique and needed is how fast you can get your hands on the loan. A typical loan at the bank can take up to a month to process. With Title Loans San Clemente, you can get your loan approved in just 15 minutes! Yes, just 15 speedy minutes and you’ll be able to solve your cash problem immediately!

What Do I Need To Get A Loan With Title Loans San Clemente?

There are just a few documents you will need:

  • Proof of Income: Submit proof that you have a regular income. This could be tax forms or pay stubs.
  • Proof of Vehicle Ownership: Show us that you own your car by showing us your title documents. Also, show us your vehicle registration.
  • Proof of Residency in California: Show us papers that prove that you reside in California. These could be shown through utility bills, taxes or telephone bills.

I Have My Papers Ready! What Do I Do Next?

  • Have internet access? Go online and fill out an application! Fill out the model, make and style of your vehicle. Our car title loan’s webpage will give you an instant estimate for the loan amount you are eligible to receive.
  • If our auto equity loan instant quote tool says you are eligible, simply stop by any of our offices. Our qualified vehicle assessment officer will tell you the resale value of your car or bike.
  • Once we get an idea what the car is worth, you’ll get an estimate for how much your loan will be. Clients have been approved loans that are 60% of their car’s resale value, so that’s decent cash at your disposal in an emergency!

Get the cash loan you need right now! Call Title Loans San Clemente now at 855-303-CASH (2274)! 

All About San Clemente

Beach and ocean water. Title Loans San ClementeSan Clemente is a beach town located on the coast of southern Orange County. The city has an estimated population of 63,522. It is located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego and is known for its sand and surf, majestic hills, and a warm sunny climate. San Clemente is known for its classic Spanish architecture characterized by red-tiled roofs, brilliant white stucco walls, and beautifully preserved historical buildings. Affectionately called the “Spanish Village by the Sea“, it has an abundance of bright colored Bougainvillea flowers and signature flame red Coral trees. It was founded in 1925 by Ole Hanson, former Mayor of Seattle who acquired 2,000 acres of land trusting that the enjoyable climate, beautiful beaches and abundant natural resources would attract settlers who were tired of big cities like Los Angeles.

Notable landmarks are Hanson’s dream home “Casa Romantica” designed by the legendary builder Carla Lindbom; this home is now called the Casa Romantica Cultural Center & Gardens. Other attractions are the beautiful Ole Hanson cottages and the lovely Ole Hanson Beach Club. Another great landmark is former US President Richard Nixon’s vacation home “La Casa Pacifica“, more commonly called the “Western White House” that once hosted many famous personalities, international dignitaries and heads of state.




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Why Do People Trust and Love Title Loans Express?

What makes us stand above the sea of title lenders out there?

Here are just a few reasons why our loyal customers love us:
The customer always comes first.

At Title Loans Express, we care deeply about our clients and their financial difficulty. We understand how tough times can come and we want to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for our clients. We value good customer care and excellence in service, so you bet that we’re here to take care of you and your needs.

We won’t lie about terms and conditions or defraud you.

Title Loans Express will put you in a position where the contract says one thing and we do another. We make sure our customers understand the full terms and conditions of a loan, and make sure they feel safe. Unlike predatory companies that take advantage of people in the down and out, we make sure our customers feel confident and satisfied with their loans.

Fast, easy, accessible.

In just under 15 minutes, you can get your loan approved and ready to go. We make our application process super easy and simple so you don’t have to deal with excessive paperwork and detail. Even better, you can apply online!

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